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The better bread
100% natural ingredients
Soft and fresh
Proprietary recipe with superior making process
About House of Fresh

House of Fresh is our bakery segment, where we use only the finest and natural ingredients. Our breads are baked in a state of the art bakery and hygienically packed. It goes through stringent quality checks before being delivered to consumer's doorstep.

House of fresh offers 20+ products ranging from freshly baked breads, buns to pizza base for your daily needs.

Explore our products

House of Fresh - Brown Bread

House of Fresh - Burger Bun

House of Fresh - Kulcha

House of Fresh - Multigrain Bread

House of Fresh - Pao

House of Fresh - Pizza Base

House of Fresh - Tooty Fruity

House of Fresh - White Bread

House of Fresh - Whole Wheat Bread

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