Happy Cows Better Milk
Delivered within a few hours of milking
Why cows are happier?
Temperature controlled environment
Fed with better fodder
Open farms for cows
24 hrs veterinary support

We offer pure &
fresh toned milk

Sourced from local farms
Creamier taste & thicker
No powder, 100% pure milk
How our milk is better?
Delivered in 12-15 hours
No hand touch process
SNF = 8.5%
Nutritious & Creamier

Our cows produce
best quality milk

Creamier Milk (Fat 3%)
Purity Guaranteed
Rich in Protein & Calcium
Fresh from the farm
Hands- free milking at farms around 3-5pm in the evening.
Pasteurization process
After milking, pasteurization process is done to eliminate pathogens.
Milk is transported to our warehouse in temperature controlled vans.
Nutrition delivered
Early morning delivery of creamier and rich milk.

Our buffaloes produce
best quality milk

Extra Creamier Milk (Fat 6%)
Purity Guaranteed
Rich in Protein & Calcium
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Farm Tale Toned Cow Milk
Pack: 500 ml

Farm Tale Cow Milk
Pack: 500 ml

Farm Tale Buffalo Milk
Pack: 500 ml

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farm-to-home in 12 hours
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