farm to home supply chain

Transforming lives through technology

Warehouse operations

Technology powered light speed operations

  • Sorting, Grading, Multiple Quality checks and packaging within 90 minutes.
  • Tech accredited operations helps in completing the whole process with accuracy.

AI prediction

Revolutionized Agri supply chain using AI prediction and reduced wastage

  • Predicting demand based on Machine Learning.
  • Reduced fresh produce wastage from 40% to 3% by improving prediction and reducing farm-to-home time.


Trace the journey of food from farm-to-home

  • Transparency: Scan the QR code to know about the produce journey.
  • Better quality: Only keeping high rated farm produce in the supply chain.

Empowering the local community

Technologically empowered delivery partners

  • Bridging the gap in last mile logistics with our innovative tech tools.
  • Features like routing, assigning delivery boy, package management help our partners deliver efficiently and accurately.